Brenda Johnston Title-I


This is my 23rd year as a teacher here at Lutie R-VI. I have experience in several elementary rooms. I have taught Preschoolers, Kindergarten (summer school sessions), Second Grade, a Second/Third Grade Combination class, Third Grade, Fourth Grade, Fifth Grade and both Elementary and High School Special Education. If you're wondering why so many different levels, it is because my long term goal has always been to become a principal.
In the Title I room I am privileged to have two great ladies working with me. They are Christi West who covers our Title I Math and Joy Cutbirth who works alongside of me in Reading and Math. Our goal is to help students improve their reading and math skills. Our days are very upbeat, fast, and exhilarating. 

The more that you read,
the more things you will know. 
The more that you learn, 
the more places you'll go.
---Dr. Seuss