Illness or Accident at School

Contagious Diseases and Health Checks

No student shall attend the public school of this district while infected with any contagious or infectious diseases, or while liable to transmit such disease after having been exposed to it. The principal, teachers, superintendent, or Board of Education shall have the power to require any child to be examined by a nurse or doctor. (PLS Mo. Article 167.191).

All pupils shall be subject to inspection by a nurse, dentist, or doctor whenever such inspection is deemed necessary. Pupils will occasionally be given screening tests for defects in vision, hearing, speech, and dental checkups.

Parents will receive written notice of any defects that interfere or tend to interfere with the child's progress in school. Head lice inspections will be held regularly. Students will be inspected prior to readmission to school.


When it becomes necessary for a student to take medication during school hours, the medication should be given on written order from a licensed doctor. When a student brings his/her own medication to school, only the bare minimum for each day should be brought in a well labeled prescription container. All medication should be taken to the nurse and not kept in the classroom. We are not allowed to give medication, even Tylenol, without written permission from parents/guardians. 


● Any self administered medication (including inhalers) must be cleared through the health office.

● Appropriate release forms must be signed by the parent/guardian and the physician.

● Students are not allowed to transport medication of any kind on the bus.