School-Wide Positive Behavior Support

School-Wide Positive Behavior Support is a proactive system approach to put behavioral and social strategies in place for all children while building in support for those at risk. SW-PBS has the perspective that student behavior is learned just as any other skill through instruction, practice, feedback, and encouragement.

Benefits of SW-PBS

Schools, preschool through high school, that implement and consistently use SW-PBS:

•improve school climate

•improve student achievement

•reduce suspension and referral rates

•increased attendance

At Lutie R-VI we will:

•Place highest value on academic, social, and personal success

•Strive for proactive and safe learning and teaching environments

•Foster partnerships with students, families, and communities

•Emphasize what works


Lutie Indian “Arrows”

For our Lutie students being a positive influence on the school and community takes tools. As Indians the tools we use are arrows. These arrows are:

•Be Respectful

•Be Responsible

•Be Safe