Student Handbook

Lutie R-VI School District, Student Handbook

 Lutie R-VI School District

The purpose of this handbook is to give you a better understanding of the rules, policies, and procedures which are part of everyday life at Lutie School. It will also help to explain our instructional programs, school activities, and student expectations. Please take time to review this handbook so you will be aware of the many educational opportunities available at Lutie R-VI School.


Students have the right to:

1. Freedom of expression providing its exercise does not interfere with the orderly conduct of classes or infringe upon the rights of others during school hours or during school events.

2. Due process in all matters of discipline regarding suspension and expulsion. All final decisions rest with the Lutie R-VI Board of Education in the appeal of administrative decisions.

3. Privacy concerning their academic and personal records maintained by the school.

4. Expect a safe, healthy environment in which to learn.

Students have the responsibilities to:

1. Respect the authority of the teachers and staff of Lutie School.

2. Insure that their conduct will not disrupt the learning atmosphere in the classroom, and other areas of Lutie School.

3. Obey all federal, state, local, and school laws.

4. Make a continued effort to:

a. Have regular and punctual attendance.

b. Bring all needed materials to class.

c. Complete all assigned work and turn it in when due.

d. Cooperate with teachers and other students.

e. Pay close attention to the teacher and participate in all classes.

f. Perform in each class to the best of their ability.